Saturday, July 5, 2014

Fourth of July

Some American things:

Sunlight, smeared lipstick, Whitney Houston’s “Star Spangled Banner” lip synched, a wig waving like an underwater plant, a patriotic track-suit crinkling, bitter vodka from a yellow squirt gun, empty streets waiting for darkness and fireworks, a newscast about Irag from a curtained window, a child with a sparkler chasing a small white dog, American cheese on a pale tortilla, the red walls of a bar, stories of growing up in rough ‘hoods in L.A. with a hair metal dad, stories of working in porn and being a slave house boy, stories of him finding her online in rural Oregon - two years later here they are all dressed up and visiting the city - the rounded folds of the latex cop uniform, Blondie lyrics “...with your badge and rubber boots...” a leash extended with a tender threat, rhinestones decorating a tiny padlock on a collar, the night air still warm, booms and rattles all quiet, the wind carrying the scents of flowers and gunpowder.