Friday, December 14, 2007

Les Chiens/Chiennes - Sans Visage

I recently watched "Eyes Without A Face," that beautiful, fucked up modern gothic, with all its sad horror etched in silver. Anyway, I finished the film and turned to Dodie Bellamy’s essay “Dogs Without a Face” in her collection "Academonia." With a voice that is deceptively personal she weaves Franju’s film, Disney’s "Cinderella," and shades of make–up into a deft piece of analysis that contains horror, beauty, and even a tender nostalgia. For this posting I decided to put the title of Dodie's
essay into my hack French and discovered that given the nature of the piece, I had to put "Dog" in both its masculine
and feminine form.

As many people know Dodie is a great teacher and her private workshops and academic classes have shaped a great deal of writing in the Bay Area. For anyone who is writing and teaching, "Academonia" is wonderful and a more than a bit frightening.